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PUMA Urban Mobility by Hussein Chalayan - Motus Sneaker

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Urbanites today may not have to trek miles on end just to get from one place to another, but it doesn't mean they travel and roam the concrete jungle with any less baggage. To facilitate mobility and ease of commuting through the city, Puma's Urban Mobility collection aims to fuse technology, function and fashion into one single collection that will serve urban wanderers well. Since Puma is no stranger to high-fashion collaborations (having worked with Alexander McQueen and Sergio Rossi), the Urban Mobility collection is directed by none other than Puma's very own Creative Director, Hussein Chalayan who has been at the helm since 2008.

Chalayan is one of those designer with a fearless, experimental vision and does not compromise on luxurious sophistication. The St. Martin's College of Art and Design graduate pushes fashion boundaries with innovative cuts and materials (his breakout show was a graduate collection consisting of decomposed silk dresses he buried and later exhumed for the show).

For his Urban Mobility Spring/Summer Collection, one of the fresh sneaker models that had been garnering a lot of attention is Chalayan's re-imagined chukkah-inspired Motus sneaker. The Motus sneaker is crafted from intriguing inverted leather upper and extremely unadorned, championing a minimal, deconstructed look reminiscent of Scandinavian and Japanese design. Unlike other Puma sneaker one might be used to, the iconic racing stripe along the side is printed on as opposed to sewn on, giving the shoes a sleeker, flat, 2D look. Sitting atop white rubber soles, these vaporous grey sneakers look almost surgically clean and debunk the preconceptions of chukka being outdoorsy and rugged.

The Motus sneakers are now available for purchase via Revolve Clothing, so check them out if you are thinking of coping a pair of desert boot sneaker or chukka sneaker this season.