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Mad Men x Mattel - Limited Edition "Mad Men" Barbie Fashion Model Collection

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AMC's Emmy and Golden Globe winning period drama, Mad Men, have attained such great heights in the highly competitive world of TV drama that it has not only been spoofed on "The Simpsons" and "Saturday Night Live", but it has also acquired its own category on "Jeopardy". The series about advertising in the 1960s will now win its first pop-culture accolade with its own series of Barbie and Ken.

Currently, toy maker Mattel is licensing rights to characters from Lionsgate (production company of Mad Men) and it will be producing the first licensed line for the Fashion Barbie Collection which is meant for collectors as opposed to seven year-old girls. This line up will include characters such as Don Draper (the protagonist), Betty (Draper's wife), Roger Sterling (Draper's colleague) and Joan Holloway (Sterling Agency's officer manager and Sterling's mistress). Prior to Mad Men, Mattel had also produced TV series characters based on "I Love Lucy" and "The X Files". However, this is the first collection in which Mattel is producing dolls whose relationships are slightly scandalous and less that child-friendly.

The collection is set to release at 7,000 to 10,000 copies of each doll and they will be sold at specialty stores and on AMC and Barbie Collector. With a touch of adulterous relationship involved, these dolls are set to take playing house to a whole new level. via: NYTimes