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visvim - Spring/Summer 2010 - Kiefer Jo-Hi

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Wearing sneakers without socks may look cool but one's feet are often far from cool in this scenario. However uncomfortable going commando in sneakers may be, no one wants to wander around in scrunchy calf-length socks like awkward pubescent boys from indie movies. visvim renders the perfect solution for this sartorial dilemma by crafting its Kiefer Jo-Hi sneaker from an interesting silk suede blend that is amazingly soft and ventilated. The light silk suede is highly breathable and conforms to the wearer's feet like a good pair of socks. These hi-top sneakers are reminiscent of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star and come in various spring happy shades such as green, powder blue and red. As for men who like to keep their sneakers simple and classic, there are also tan and black colorways. Aside from an embossed leather patch heel detail and a rubber logo tag on the soles, the shoes are unadorned in true visvim tradition. Wear them with top rolled down (because they are soft enough to be cuffed down), with shorts and forgo socks. Thanks to visvim, sporting sneakers in the summer does not have to be a tedious, sweltering ordeal anymore. These are now available via Japan's NOS and select visvim retailers.