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L.L. Bean Signature - Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe | Available Now

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With ROGUES GALLERY's Alex Carleton on board, L.L. Bean searched through its 99-year old archive for inspiration as the backbone of the Maine-base label's new endeavor, L.L. Bean Signature. Officially launched today on its website, L.L. Bean Signature revisit New England classic designs, some dates back a century ago. Designed accordingly to modern function, Carleton improvised certain aspects while retained much of iconic silhouettes. A prime example is the Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe. Created by Leon Leonwood Bean himself in 1912, Carleton swapped out the leather upper with waxed canvas, and in turn makes the new variant more accessible to both rural dwellers and urbanites alike. As Carleton stated in a recent interview, "These are subtle elements juxtaposed with elements that are new and unique."