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New Balance - MTG580 Gore-Tex

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While spring and summer of 2009 had been all about the great outdoors, this year the meaning of "outdoors" takes on a tougher front as many designers and labels have been turning to the military for inspiration. Last year, New Balance dressed its iconic MTG580 in Gore-Tex and that protects its wearer's feet from the wet and volatile New England weather, but the colorways were comparably louder in bright yellow, blue and purple. This year, the label draws inspiration from the classic MA-1 military aviator jacket and gets a little more rugged in terms of colorway. The new release sports a hard-wearing tonal deep olive upper (a mix of reinforced nylon and Gore-Tex) and is paired with bright orange lining. Rather than the classic sewn on "N" logo patch, the new MA-1 inspired MTG580 Gore-Tex comes with Velcro "N" logo patches. Each pair of kicks come with two sets of "N" (in olive and orange) so one can switch them around for different looks.

A pair of kicks which almost repels everything unpleasant from the streets, these kicks will come in extra-handy be it rain or shine or snow. They are set to release this coming July, so stay tuned for more information to come. images via: Streething