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visvim - A Cycle of Craftsmanship DVD

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visvim's F.I.L. Kyoto shop was born out of the fall foliage season. The tall narrow building nestled in a shopping district looked like a pencil and seemed difficult to use as a shop. The spindly 400 year-old building used to be a doll shop which has been around for sixteen generations. While the space might have been narrow, it was more comfortable than previously imagined. Vintage cases used to display the Kyoto dolls allowed customers to interact with the product on a more personal level. When visvim decided to take over the space deeply seeped in history, the label felt a need to commit to the legacy of craftsmanship as left by the 16th generation Kyoto doll shop owner.

Inspired by the space, visvim enlisted the help of visual artist Young Kim to create a documentary of the design process for the F.I.L. space. Titled "Dissertation on a cycle of craftsmanship", the video literates the story of the architect's vision to transform the shop into a space that will not only encompass visvim's vision, but also the space's rich heritage and timeless beauty.

The DVD was released earlier last week on March 13 and is now available at F.I.L. stores. images via: Brandon Shigeta