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Fresh Celeb: Snoop Dogg - Billionaire Boys Club "Sound of Earth" Tee

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Spotted on Snoop Dogg on David Letterman Tonight is Billionaire Boys Club's very limited Sounds of Earth tee from BBC's season 10 collection. The tee features the label's new "Sound of Earth" logo on the front and the tee has a very interesting story behind it. While NASA has a lengthy explanation that gets technical, to keep the long story short, Sounds of Earth is a project intended to communicate the story of Earth to extraterrestrials. Sounds and images portraying life and culture on Earth including 115 images and sounds of nature, music from different era, languages and printed messages from President Carter and U.N. Secretary General Waldheim are encoded in a phonograph record. The phonograph record is a 12-inch gold-plated copper disk and they are carried on Pioneers 10 and 11 that preceded the Voyager. And back to the tee, the logo featured on the Sound of Earth tee is created after the phonograph plates that encompass the wonders, culture, history and life on Earth.

The tee is still available for order online via BBC/Ice Cream, so check them out if they do resonate with you! via: BBC/Ice Cream