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Karl Lagerfeld Interview With VICE Magazine

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Vice magazine has embarked on some of the strangest journalistic missions—it has sent a crew to North Korea and managed to return with some of the most fascinating and rare video footage, and is especially known for its irreverence when it comes to exploring certain subjects. So when Vice sets out to interview Karl Lagerfeld, it comes as no surprise that the conversation is so much less about CHANEL's Fall/Winter 2010 presentation and his work in taking on the House of Fendi, but angled from a different perspective where Lagerfeld is presented as a character study.

Bruce LaBruce, the architect of this interview managed to unveil the lesser-known side of Karl Lagerfeld through intense prepping and novel, probing questions. While the duo veered slightly far from fashion, they did converse about rather intimate aspects of Lagerfeld's life and his views of the world. And according to the interview, his world is one where porn stars should be admired, gay marriage is too bourgeois, and quite paradoxically (yet fitting), fur is okay if you can afford it and should never be purchased as an investment.

Underneath the sunglasses, pulled back stark white pony tail, fingerless gloves and fitted suits that have contributed to Lagerfeld's almost mythical existence, the man is a voracious reader, fluent in many languages and possesses a child-like unquenchable curiosity about the world.

Check out the interview which is published in Vice Magazine's March issue, and definitely don't miss out on LaBruce's suggested diagnosis of Lagerfeld (that Lagerfeld perhaps has Asperger syndrome).