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Maestro Knows - Season 3 - Episode 5 (Hawaiian Vacation)

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Still feeling the winter blues and dissatisfied with the teasing peeks of spring in the past week? Follow Maestro Knows on his latest adventure to the quintessential beach vacation hot spot, Hawaii. As Maestro takes a trip through the islands of Hawaii, musing about life, art, his work and the relationship between visual and thoughts, he also highlights some interesting places in Hawaii-- both famous and off the beaten path. He visits one of the most important plays in the industry, In4mation, and treks through more personal and private places in Hawaii which are dear to insiders and less known to tourists. Alongside scenic shots of a beautiful beach and enviable azure skies, Maestro also documented Kelly Slater surfing on his knees and set his mind free as he free-associates his journey with things that jump to mind-- The Beach Boys and how his surfing venture turned out. Check out the video which also features some of Maestro's favorite tracks, kick back and live vicariously for a little.