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Spike Jonze x ABSOLUT - "I'm Here" Short Film | Now Live

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Can robots dream? Do they have feelings? These phantasmal questions Spike Jonze posed in the trailer of his short film, "I'm Here", are now answered for all as the Sundance entry just went live online for viewing. The 30-minute short film is described as "a robot love story" and follows its protagonist through his mundane life in Los Angeles. The protagonist is a library assistant who drifts from day to day in mediocrity until a chance meeting with a female robot changed his life. He discovered creativity, love, but all falls through and his life quickly spirals into uncharted territories. Spike Jonze' highly anticipated short film won affections and nods from critics for its fantastical, charming yet surprisingly realistic story. Aside from a winning plot and direction, Andrew Garfield and Sienna Gillory also deliver impeccable performances as the protagonist and his love interest respectively. The film is available for streaming at, so click on over and enjoy!