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Supra - Red Canvas Pack - Bullet + Cuban 1.5 + Vaider

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A man of passion and lives and breathes in color, thus not quite feeling the "cool grey" theory? Supra has released a red counterpart, the Red Canvas Pack, to the Grey Canvas Pack. While the red version also features three kicks which have uppers crafted entirely from summer-ready canvas, the silhouettes released in this pack are slightly different. The laced slip-on (the laces being quite a cool adornment) Cuban 1.5 is the only member replicated from the grey canvas pack. Meanwhile, the other stunning new additions include the Lizard King's signature low-top Bullet and the iconic and beloved hi-top Vaider. Sure, black kicks might be the easiest to pull off with any color, but red shoes are magical (ask Dorothy if you don't believe this). So don't wait up to grab your gorgeous red pair from any Supra retailer now.