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TABASCO Hangover Headquarters Ft. Lauren Tourondel | Event Recap

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What do coffee spiked with lemon juice, a bowl of pho, french fries and double doses of Aspirin have in common? For those who drink with the valiance of a Cavalier, they might recognize these are hangover "cures" proposed by fellow dehydrated drinkers. The hot sauce (no pun intended) maker, Tabasco, has decided that it will partake charitably in giving back to the public after St. Patrick's Day this year. Not as if adding flavor to our lives wasn't enough already, Tabasco went all out and stationed a food truck named Tabasco Hangover Headquarters on March 18 dishing out special hangover nosh designed by Laurent Tourondel. Tourondel was the mastermind behind BLT (Bistro Laurent Tourondel) until March 1 when he announced a split from the group, and he also competed against Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America.

The special complimentary menu (yes, everything was free!) created by Tourondel included some new takes on traditional hangover food such as Huevos Fresco Breakfast Burrito, Hash 'N Egg Slider, Spicy Sirloin Slider with Tabasco Horseradish Sauce and Double Smoked Bacon Pizzeta. To top it off, one can wash down all the delicious grease with the LT Virgin Bloody Mary. Check out the event photos and be on the look out for the hangover truck next year if you missed out on it this time around and nursed the St. Patrick's Day aftermath slumming on a couch at home with a litter of Danasi.images via: Miami New Times and Uncrate