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LeBron James Expected to Extend Nike Contract

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LeBron may not have inked a deal with an N.B.A. franchise as of yet, but he's made statements indicating that his deal with Nike will be extended. On Sunday, LeBron indicated that he's going to be rocking Nikes for a while, as he said, "I don't plan on going anywhere," and he later hinted: "Maybe I already have a agreement." A formal announcement is expected soon concerning the details, but King James did suggest that the forthcoming LeBron VIII would not be the last model. He said, "I'll have a [LeBron signature shoe number ] 12 and 13 or something like that" when asked about his signature line and how it will be extended to future models.

LeBron made huge news as a high school graduate after he landed a seven year, $90 million contract (which exceeded $100 million with bonuses), and this next contract should be even more impressive. Don't forget that LeBron will be switching his uniform number to 6, and that means he'll be rocking a new logo, different from the one pictured above. So this summer plans for James include: a new contract with a (possibly) new team, a new jersey number, a new logo with Nike to accompany his newly-signed deal, and maybe even a new LeBron VIII by the end of the summer. Quite a busy summer, indeed. via