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How To Make It In America - The Get By | Video

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There is no dispute that America is a tough place to be right now. And for many, the America Dream bubble had burst into mists of urban legend that are longed for more than believed in. Regardless of how unforgiving the streets are, especially in New York City right now, there are still people trying to make it from day to day and determined to achieve their version of the American Dream, and HBO's latest series "How To Make It In America" explores just that as it follows two bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young twenty somethings as they hustle their way through to city.

Riding off the show, HBO has created a short documentary "The Get By" about the lives and struggles of skateboarders trying to make it in New York City. Skateboarding insiders ranging from pro skaters to shop owners and photographers such as Jake Johnson, Gino Iannuci, Billy Rohan, Anthony Papparlardo, Eli Reed, Zered Bassette, Quim Cardona appeared in the documentary, not just showing off their trades but also discussing what makes skateboarding in New York City so great (one of the best canvases for skateboarding), the misconceptions about professional skateboarders (not everyone makes million of dollars) and what it means to have made it in America (getting paid to do what you love, doing things and loving it).

Perhaps one of the better, rawer documentaries that doesn't just show off the glossy side of skateboarding, the message one can take away from the video is that, to make it through skateboarding is tough, and as most skaters kindly advised, if you are not ready, get a degree-- America needs more engineers.