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Loopwheeler x Nike - Summer 2010 - Pocket Hoodie

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The active ones who actually run and bike around in hoodies can tell you, the front pockets on hoodies are not exactly the safest places to hold your belongings, especially something weighty like cellphone or keys. Or anything in general. To curb the problem of dropping and losing things on runs and rides, Loopwheeler has provided a great solution for the active ones this summer by adding more snug and zip pockets on the hoodie. The Pocket Hoodie is a collaboration between Loopwheeler and Nike (a seasoned collaboration as of now, after the duo had created the much buzzed about, worn and loved AW77) and due to release this week on March 25. Spun from ultra soft Loopwheeler fleece, these hoodies resemble the DANN Parka designed specially for riding enthusiasts, and are also cut to fit the movements of urban cyclers. To stay a little on top of the summer game while being understated and simple in true Loopwheeler fashion, the hoodies are given a design joly with a surf blue colorway, and for the minimal purists, grey and black versions are also available. With a zip pocket on shoulder, one in the back roomy enough for wallet, and one last rubbed pocket for iPods and sorts, this is a handy hoodie for those who can't wait to take their bikes everywhere on the first sunny week of Spring.

Release Date: March 25th (Thursday)