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Maestro Knows - Season 3 - Episode 6 (Johnny Cupcakes)

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As a joke and a little bit of light-hearted irony, Maestro Knows embarked on his latest episode bearing a little confection-- cupcakes for Johnny Cupcakes. The small LA Bakery (as Johnny Cupcakes names all his retail stores) occupies a quarter on the busy section of Melrose Avenue, and its appearances, like the other shoppes, are deliciously deceptive. The space is designed to resemble a bakery with ovens, clear refrigerated glass displays, menus and nutritional menu printed on the wall. Of course, to offer a full immerse experience, customers get to take their goods home in a cupcake box. After dropping by the Los Angeles Shoppe, Maestro heads out to Massachusetts, where Johnny Cupcakes is headquartered and now resides, and pays a visit to the pâtissier's house.

Nope, don't expect more ovens, but if you were imagining an adult version of Chuck-E-Cheese meet local bar, you've nailed how Johnny Cupcake's place looks like. Maestro and Johnny gets down and competitive at the latter's enviable arcade (Indiana Jones pinball machines,   skeeball, and retro Street Fighter game stations...) before the duo heads out to attend one of Johnny's many motivational lectures at high school's and colleges.

For those who are unfamiliar with his success story, Johnny operates a multi-million dollar business he had built single-handed from the grounds up. Unlike many successful labels out there, Johnny never had an investor, kept his items out of chain stores and poured his heart into every single detail of his business where he focused on giving his customers memorable experiences.

Enjoy the video as Maestro takes everyone on a tour of Johnny's crib and beyond-- and the clown in his closet.