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Earth F.C.

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports played in African countries, and despite how the continent is divided by language, religion, culture and more, soccer unites the African nations. However, when a soccer ball is kicked around with such luster of enthusiasm in harsh conditions, the lifespan of the soccer balls are shortened dramatically. To address this issue and also draw attention to other challenges such as HIV/AIDS in Africa, the problem of limited access to information due to low TV penetration rates, Sony has joined hands with the United Nationals Development Program and the Japan International Cooperation Agency to launch "Earth.F.C.", a program which aims to support the "Public Viewing in Africa" project.

This is an interesting collaboration which will help raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and low penetration of TV in African through a few means. First, Earth F.C. will be hosting public viewing of FIFA World Cup 2010 with a set up of projector and screen, providing those in Ghana and Cameroon with the opportunity to cheer and be a part of the games. Secondly, Sony has leveraged its expertise in material research to develop a highly durable and environmentally conscious "Join The Team!" soccer ball. People will be able to donate soccer ball to children in African by simply making one click on the "Earth F.C." website at no cost. Also, Sony has teamed up with SOPH. to create the "Earth F.C." Team T-Shirt. When a donation ticket of 3,000 yen is purchased at the SonyStyle online store, 3,000yen will be allocated to purchase "Join The Team" soccer ball for donation, and the first 1,000 customers to make a donation will be given the special "Earth F.C." team-tee.

Just by simply clicking over to Earth F.C. site and contributing to the 1,000 clicks needed to send one soccer ball out to the children of Africa. Please do your part to help raise awareness and share your soccer fever and dreams with the world. via: SOPH.