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KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life | Official Video

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Quite possibly one of the most blatant and revealing songs about KiD CuDi just yet, "Soundtrack 2 My Life" from the whiz kid's Man On The Moon: The End Of Day album is a literal rendition of what a soundtrack to KiD CuDi's life would be. As he drops the rhyme on his life, Kid Cudi reflects upon his childhood, losing his father, struggling with fame and the demons inside. The official music video is shot in a documentary style by Jason Goldwatch of Decon Creative Group (Goldwatch was also the man behind "Cudderisback"), as a compilation of footage from KiD CuDi's tours. There seems to be no better way to give visual meaning to the song than a compilation of raw footage, and the song reminds us why KiD CuDi's introspective lyrics sets him apart from the others in the hip hop scene these days. via: Dat New Cudi