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Air Jordan IX (9) Premio Bin 23 Edition – New Images

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The Bin 23 line from Jordan Brand places an emphasis on quality materials and top-notch packaging. As Astor Chambers, business director for Jordan Brand explains, “We’re starting this BIN23 concept that we’ll run for the year, and it’s basically just taking a look at things that never came out. We have this bin of just great things that we’re going to hand off to the consumer and let them experience. We have this very cool branding and experience around it that we feel really good about.”

We’ve shown you the first release in this line that drops on April 10th, the Air Jordan II (2) Premio Bin 23 Edition , and all of the accouterments that come with it, and now we get a look at the second release from this line, the Air Jordan IX (9). This version of the IX (9) showcases the direct styling of the model with hits of gold-foil material on the panel above the sole, the lacelocks, and the midsole itself. Stick with Freshness for more information on this premium release.