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Saint48 x PRPLMNT - Wood Bezel G-Shock Watch

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Wood might not be as shiny, but it is just as attention grabbing in the accessories world ever since Good Wood won people over with the wooden Jesus necklaces. Taking the use of nature's best resource to the next level, Saint48 and PRPLMNT came together to customize your favorite Casio with a wooden shell in a collaborative venture called Wood Shock. These Wood Shock wood bezel watches are 100% hand and laser crafted. In terms of silhouette, Wood Shock's chunky appearance resembles the G-Shock DW6600 and it comes with technical functions such as an auto-calendar, backlight, alarm multi-function, stopwatch and a countdown timer. Sure these might not be shock resistant and the wood might chip if abused (please do not attempt to freeze the watch in a block of ice and drop it from a 5-story building as you might do with a G-Shock), but it will sure win curious glances from other fellow G-Shock lovers. If you are interested in Wood Shock, these are made to order and you can place your order online at