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Palladium London Pirate Radio

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Recently turned into a blockbuster feature, Pirate Radio, its eponymous movement started in the 1960s UK when pop radio stations were broadcasting songs from offshore, and eventually became the antithesis of BBC, who virtually monopolized the radio. Tapping into the rich culture and heritage of music and defiance, Palladium drew inspiration from Pirate Radio for its relaunch in the UK market.

The campaign follows Palladium as the label explores through the nooks and crannies of a rusting anti-aircraft tower at the mouth of River Thames which was used as an offshore base of operations in the 1960s by the original pirates. While Pirate Radio has been born, celebrated, squandered then revived, its high permeability in London today (they are still everywhere, hidden in plain site)attests to its relevance and importance in the music culture and industry. It is one of the rare gems instrumental in breaking new music despite the growing influence of Internet these days.

Palladium's journey through London's inner city rooftops studded with homemade antennas has been made into a documentary film which debuted alongside Palladium's UK launch at The Old Blue Last in conjunction with footwear retailer, size?. Aside from the film screening, there was also live performances by DJs and MCs featured in the film such as Logan Samma, J2K Jammer and Ms Dynamite at the event. Check out photos from Palladium's expedition in London and check out the film online at London Pirate Radio.

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