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Arc'teryx Veilance - Field Jacket

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Field Jacket Yellow

Arc'teryx Veilance is a Canadian brand that takes design and craftsmanship seriously and it shows in their carefully crafted products. Uncompromising and fully functional products that is produced to the highest standards that can be used in real outdoors as well as inner city. Their Field Jackets are a good example of their direction. 100% nylon outer consisting of Gore-Tex Pro Shell 3L which is waterproof, windproof and durable for all weather. Inner seams are all taped for perfect water proofing and the zippers are all water proofed as well. M-65 like pockets line the front portion and self locking cuff adjustments finish off the exterior. Two colors are produced in Coal and Yellow with matte gray inner lining. via The Glade

Field Jacket Yellow 2

Field Jacket Yellow 3

Field Jacket Yellow 4

Field Jacket Coal

Field Jacket Coal 2