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Nike Sportswear Pinnacle Collection | Available Now

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Nike Sportswear Pinnacle Collection | Available Now - 0

Very much like its namesake, Nike Sportswear Pinnacle is the peak of quality, construction and innovative technology for the already rare and coveted line up of apparel from Nike Sportswear (some have compared NSW apparel to Tier Zero sneakers). This season, a new line-up of apparel from Nike Sportswear Pinnacle has just arrived at INVINCIBLE and are currently available for all at both the store's East and West locations. The line-up includes a fearless ACG Parka in two colorways (black and indigo, both featuring vintage colonial-esque ornate print of exotic plants and insects), the ultra-soft and renowned Loopwheeler hoodie, and a M65-like khaki trench coat. Aside from stylistic functions, these outerwear are quite weatherproof and are constructed for maximum comfort with innovative materials. These are excellent for weathering the unpredictable spring season in style. Especially those who are wishing their nylon windbreakers could be something more than just color blocks and monochromes, the ACG Parkas add an excellent sophisticated design touch to the sporty number.