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Fresh Music: Mick Boogie | The ChangeMakers Mixtape

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Produced by: Dan Hwang
Written by: Jesse Carr

Freshness is proud to announce a new segment that we've been excited to launch for a while—Fresh Music. We know there are many other blog sites and download hubs where you can get a hold of new music, but Freshness will bring you a more complete experience by surrounding the stories behind the music with historical context and rich visuals (we may have an exclusive or two up our sleeves as well). Our foray into Fresh Music features a new project by Mick Boogie, a mixtape DJ who now mans the decks for top shelf venues around the country. He gave us exclusive access to the mix, which we are co-sponsoring and presenting for you to download.

Mick Boogie has worked his way up from a young, NYC-based music enthusiast to one of the most influential DJs in the game. Aside from DJing events like the Official Grammy afterparty for the last two years, the Jay-Z / LeBron Dinner, and countless other A-list events, Mick Boogie has become one of the few tastemakers who can straddle the line of corporate/celebrity culture and cutting edge music that sill has a bit of an underground thump.

Long ago, DJs played the role of breaking new songs to audiences who would hear songs in clubs before corporate radio stations got a hold of them. Nowadays, many DJs have just about the same access to brand new songs as any other listener with an internet connection, as countless blogs offer tracks for download months before the release date of an album. So how does a contemporary DJ like Mick Boogie still play the role of a tastemaker? It's all in the relationships, which Mick Boogie has built with mainstream moguls like Jay-Z and Kanye West as well as staple hip-hop artists like Talib Kweli and Little Brother.

Mick Boogie is now releasing a tape that focuses not on clever mashups like the Viva La Hova Jay-Z/Coldplay mixtape from 2008, but on cementing his role as a DJ in the true sense of the word—one who introduces fresh sounds. He's joined Nike in releasing a "Changemaker" mixtape designed to celebrate emerging artists and mix their tracks with those of other artists who've made names for themselves and still produce tracks that are anything but stagnant. The release coincides with the One Year Anniversary of Nike TPE 6453, where Mick Boogie will return on April 9th to play a live set (he was the DJ for the opening of the store as well).

It's no secret that "hip-hop" is now a nebulous term, as subgenres like Hyphy, Crunk, Grime, Jerk, and Club all have a specific sound while still falling under the banner of rap or hip-hop. Even "indie" or "underground" designations assigned to certain artists and tracks seem to be uniform and generic. But artists like Pooh of Little Brother, Curtains, Skyzoo, Christian Rich, and U-N-I, all of whom are featured on the "Changemakers" tape, are examples of artists who don't fit neatly into any one of those boxes.

This mixtape adds to Mick Boogie's already-impressive resume of compilations that represent today's mottled musical landscape, including artists as varied as Kidz in the Hall, Chip tha Rippa, Peter Bjorn, and John, the Noisettes (mixed with Kanye West acapellas), N.E.R.D., and many more. As Mick Boogie continues to make lasting impressions both at celebrity events like the MTV Music Awards or the Tribeca Film Festival and on mixtapes that introduce listeners to new sounds, it's clear that the role of our best DJs remains the same. While many club DJs nowadays may be asked to play a repetitive mix of familiar tunes or mixes, the mixtape DJ is free to compile songs that can inspire and impress the listener while making the hip-hop world take notice, and in some cases, "change."

> Download: Mick Boogie The ChangeMakers Mixtape


Mick Boogie: The ChangeMakers | mixTPE Vol. 6453


Track List:

1) Oncue: The Changemakers Intro (produced by CJ Luzi)
2) U-N-I: Chillin' (produced by THX)
3) Don Will f/ The Park: Love Junkie (Wallpaper Remix)
4) Rapper Big Pooh: Get It In (produced by Young RJ)
5) DJ Jazzy Jeff f/ Phil Nash: Closer (produced by Jazzy Jeff)
6) Kenn Starr: The Notti Joint (produced by Dave Notti)
7) Kardinal Offishall: Me, Myself, So Fly (produced by Diabolic) $
8) The Kickdrums f/ Curtains: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
9) 6th Sense: The Freshness (produced by 6th Sense)
10) Talib Kweli f/ Graph Nobel & Skyzoo: Go Brooklyn (produced by Oh No) #
11) Christian Rich: Buck Em' Down (produced by nVMe) %
12) Joe Scudda: Open For Business (produced by Don Cannon)
13) 88 Keys & Outasight: 4 Out Of 5 (produced by 6th Sense) +
14) Fly Union: Winter Summer (produced by Monkey Wrench)
15) The Cataracs f/ Donnis: Club Love Remix (produced by The Cataracs)
16) Shawn Chrystopher: A Champion's Here (produced by Cameron Wallace)
17) Freebass 808: Love Eclipse (produced by Apple Juice Kid) *
18) Curtain$: It's The Shoes (produced by Jade Trouble)
19) Oncue: The Changemakers Outro (produced by Chanes)
20) Ayue and MC Hot Dog: I Love Taiwan Girls (Bonus Track)

# Taken from Mick Boogie + Idle Warship: Party Robot
$ Taken from Mick Boogie + Terry Urban: Le Da Soul
% Taken from Mick Boogie + Duck Down: Road To Survival
+Taken from Mick Boogie and Peter, Bjorn and John: Re-Living Thing
* Taken from Mick Boogie + Nigel Sylvester: Because I Grind


Nike TPE 6453 One Year Anniversary Party @ LUXY
5F., No.201, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., | Map
Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan

Event Date: April 9th (Friday) | 10 pm