Nike Limited Edition Air Attack Collection | Available Now


As the story goes, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield took a leap of faith and decided to "uncovered" the Nike Air Unit in his design.  Though the creation was aesthetically intriguing, it was met however, with skepticism of its function and criticism as a mere marketing gimmick. Fortunately, Hatfield and Nike never relented. Now, 34 years later, the storied Nike Air is swear by not only runners, the intended market demographic, but folks from all walks (no pun intended) of life.

As a showcase of its evolution from a bubble unit to an all-out 360, double volume midsole, Nike created the Limited Edition Air Collection, also known as Air Attack Pack, for 2010. A perfect unison of classic models and updated technologies, the collection focus on 6 silhouettes Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Maxim 1, Nike Air Max 95,Nike Air Max 24/7,Nike Air Max 2009, Nike Air Tailwind 2010. It also draws many similarities to the 3 Decades of Cushioning (or 3 Decades of Air), launched in 2006, still one of the most talked about Nike Air project to date.

For those interested in purchasing one of 35 models within the Limited Edition Air Collection, all are now for sale at NikeStore.com. However, as its name suggested, the collection will be limited in availability.


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View all: Nike Air Maxim 1 - Air Attack Pack



View all: Nike Air Max 95 - Air Attack Pack



View all: Nike Air Max 24/7 - Air Attack Pack



View all: Nike Air Max 2009 - Air Attack Pack



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