Oakley High Function Line


Trends may come and go, but functionality is forever. Oakley understands the importance and timelessness of functionality transcending fashion trends, and has launched its new High Function Line (which, as its namesake suggests, is geared towards function with a laser-like focus). The design of the collection remains simple and color palette is muted in greys and blacks to highlight the importance of function over outrageous style. In this collection, each piece of apparel is more than a cover up.

All pieces in this collection are made with ultra lightweight material and are crafted with mobility in mind. For instance, the Motorcycle Jacket (a biker take on the nylon sports jacket) is ultra functional with a snug crevice for every imaginable belonging one might have. ID and credit cards can go into a pocket on the right sleeve, and the MP3 player or iPod on the left sleeve (with a opening for earphones). Taking Oakley's famed glasses in mind, a front pocket is designed specially for eyewear and it can also hold a camera. Like wise, the shirt jacket holds the same function. Other items in the pack include waterproof High Tech Military Cropped Pants and the Amphibian Cargo Shorts. To top off the cool all-black ensemble that will probably allow one to bring as many gadgets as one wishes without having to carry a bag, there are polos and tees to go with it all.The collection is now available at retailers such as hnyee.