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Freshness Week In Review - 3/29/2010 - 4/2/2010

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There is nothing like April Fools' to keep spirits lifted, mind boggled and logic absolutely failed. This week, aside from Google's "Topeka" prank and Rep. Hank Johnson's saga about his worries that Guam might "tip over and capsize", there are other countless things for sneakerheads and fresh hunters to rejoice about. First, the much reported about Nike Air Attack Pack is finally available, albeit in limited quantities, just like the Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary Collection (Dr. Martens celebrated its 50th birthday on April 1 and it's not a joke!). Meanwhile, John Hennessey wowed auto fans with a super car that is remade from Lotus Elise housing a Corvette GR1 supercharged V8 engine. Keeping in line with toughness and masculinity, G-Shock released the Master of G series for professional divers. Back to new stuff dropping from Nike, Nike SB April releases have finally hit stores and NIKEiD has not only offered new canvas silhouettes and optional artwork, but it will also be hosting a design competition in conjunction with yours truly (so stay tuned!). On the adidas side of things, adidas Originals is still all about collaborations with a new brand new "Raw Dogs" Stan Smith Mid from 10.Deep and the DJ Hasebe Snake Collection with Levi's and Atmos. Talking a little more about collaboration, UNIQLO has tapped the powers of Goku and released a Dragonball series of tees, and The Clipse's Play Cloths has teased all with preview images of its upcoming collaboration with G-Shock. If you were busy and out of the loop, these are the least you should know. Enjoy!

Nike Limited Edition Air Attack Collection | Available Now


It's the attack of air. And according to Nike, Nike Air are painstakingly collected from exhalations of their finest athletes such as tennis star Maria Sharapova and pro-basketball player Brandon Roy. So what about limited edition of Nike Air kicks? These will just power up your steps and runs and jumps and hikes even more than the regular ones.

» Nike Limited Edition Air Attack Collection | Available Now


adidas Originals x 10.DEEP - "Raw Dogs" Stan Smith Mid


Who let the dogs out? Well all cliches we can't help aside, 10.DEEP has collaborated with adidas Originals to create the understated "Raw Dogs" Stan Smith Mid. This is the first time Stan Smith Mid is being used in a collaboration and the results are definitely comparable to its low-top counter part.

» adidas Originals x 10.Deep - "Raw Dogs" Stan Smith Mid


Hennessey - Venom GT


The sexy curves of Lotus Elise with the impassioned, fiery core of Corvette ZR 1 supercharged V8 engine? A venomous lady that only most courageous and manly of all can take on.

» Hennessey - Venom GT


Clae - Spring/Summer 2010 | Available Now


The selection of Clae's Spring 2010 delivery at End Clothing is all about the great Americana. And hiking. And there's nothing not to love about it!

» Clae - Spring/Summer 2010 Delivery | Available Now


Casio G-Shock - Master of G Series


Roses are red, oceans are blue, and the sky is too. The new Master of G Series from G-Shock is packed with every function a diver might need in the strangest and most obscure moments (there's no such thing as being too prepared). The ocean-esque colorway definitely helps put all in a diving state of mind too!

» Casio G-Shock - Master of G Series


NIKEiD Canvas - New Graphic Options


The canvas on kicks are for summer, but the DIY designs are for you! NIKEiD has introduced new graphic options for all who would like something special for their canvas kicks but can't quite churn out the professional art work (But then again, who can?). Aside from the ready-made art work options, NIKEiD has also added a new design option for those who are up to it to paint their own canvases (pun intended). Yours truly will be holding a design competition with NIKEiD on the new canvas models, so stay tuned for more information!

» NIKEiD Canvas - New Graphic Options


Nike SB April 2010 Releases



It's all nautical with Nike SB this season. The fresh April kicks and apparel might be too cool for school but definitely spot on for summer.

» Nike SB - April 2010 - Apparel and Accessories Release

» Nike SB - April 2010 - Footwear Release


adidas Originals x Levi's x Atmos - DJ Hasebe Snake Collection


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Atmos Tokyo, the retailer has invited one of Japan's most renowned DJs, DJ Hasebe to co-produce the commemorative Snake Collection. First up is a collaboration with adidas Originals on the Superstar 80s and the 503 denim with Levi's.

» adidas Originals x Levi's x Atmos - DJ Hasebe Snake Collection


UNIQLO x Dragon Ball - T-Shirt Collection


UNIQLO powered up with Dragon Ball to launch a collection of tees featuring your favorite characters from the epic manga. Geeky chic is definitely back, and it's not just acceptable in Akihabara.

» UNIQLO x Dragon Ball - T-Shirt Collection


Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection


First made for the hardworking laborers who laid foundation to the nation, Dr. Martens boots were quickly picked up by rebels for their grass root, working class appeal. And it has been 50 years since the first 1460 boot was made in a rather serendipitous meeting. Five decades and the boots are still stomping strong!

» Dr. Martens 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection