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MGMT - Congratulations | Pre-Order Available Now

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Congratulations to MGMT, with all puns intended. The Brooklyn duo who happily mocked the rock-star lifestyle for us in an entrapping electronic psychedelic pop beat in "Time To Pretend" have released tracks on their latest album, Congratulations, for all to listen on their site. This move stemmed from the duo's album leaking on the internet, and them wanting the fans to hear the album from them first. Sure, here cues the laments about the demise of the music industry where artists are forced empty all tricks in their bags to beat the internet at their own game, but MGMT's fresh album sure serves the last laugh with acid beats and quirky lyrics that are signature of the duo's irreverent style. Take a listen at Congratulations, and do pre-order them online and support the rare talents that are harder to come by than rent-controlled apartments.