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Nitraid - Gradation T-Shirts

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Gradation T-Shirt Blue

Gradation treatments on shirts give shirts an unique look that is unlike any screen print work. Nitraid has achieved a beautiful fade from dark to light on its latest Gradation T-shirts. The T-shirts   come in various summer, beach tones such as blue (for the azure sea and the sky), red (for the sunset) and green (for the trees and gorgeous greens). For those opting for something a little more basic and urban, there is also a black colorway. The tee is kept rather unadorned aside from a marine inspired logo mask graphic on the left chest. Aside from that, there are no other excess ornamentation apart from a tag on the left sleeve. Each piece is individually dyed so each piece is unique and varies slightly from the next. via: zoetrope

Gradation T-Shirt Blue 2

Gradation T-Shirt Kelly

Gradation T-Shirt Kelly 2

Gradation T-Shirt Red

Gradation T-Shirt Red 2

Gradation T-Shirt Black

Gradation T-Shirt Black 2