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APPLEBUM - Babylon Camo Bags

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Babylon Camo Duffle Bag

The signature camo pattern design from Tokyo's APPLEBUM is the beloved Babylon Camo, and it has been used countless times before. It is a simple photo print of the buildings in Tokyo at night time. Yet, it makes for an interesting camouflage graphic that is fun to look at even though it might not be practical in the fields of stealth.

Freshly dropped from APPLEBUM are two bags given the Babylon Camo treatment. One of them is a backpack, and the other is a duffle bag. Both bags feature a simple orthodox style that lends well to the original textile. The bags are made from 100% nylon twill material that is ultra durable. Both items are detailed with black inner lining and cheeky APPLEBUM labels on the exterior. Grab these items at APPLEBUM dealers and online store.

Babylon Camo Duffle Bag 2

Babylon Camo Duffle Bag 3

Babylon Camo Duffle Bag 4

Babylon Camo Duffle Bag 5

Babylon Camo Backpack

Babylon Camo Backpack 2

Babylon Camo Backpack 3

Babylon Camo Backpack 4