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Freshness x NIKEiD Canvas Contest

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There are a few good things in life that can quell the unbearable summer heat. First, eat or drink anything iced. Second wear anything cotton. Third, kick around in anything canvas. Just in time for the warming weather and the glorious sunshine, NIKEiD had recently introduced new graphic options for its new canvas models to satisfy those who are looking for something more personal. In conjunction with the new World Cup 2010 inspired graphic options and the new Canvas pack available on NIKEiD, Freshness has teamed up with NIKEiD to host the Freshness x NIKEiD Canvas Contest!

On to the best part, the Freshness x NIKEiD Canvas Contest invites all to create your own art for the canvas Sweet Classic High. To enter the competition, you can either upload your own artwork to the Freshness x NIKEiD Canvas Contest microsite, or use the tools from the Canvas artbox available on the site. The participation process and use of Canvas artbox tools are very comprehensive and accessible.

To participate, it is as simple as clicking into the NIKEiD Canvas Contest site, go into "Create Your Own Classics" and choose to either upload or use the Canvas artbox. The Canvas artbox allows the user to paint, fill and draw on the Sweet Classic High, or use patterns and prints such as camo and safari, and symbol stamps on the kicks. The artbox also allows you to adjust the opacity of the colors for more creative reign. Once you are done, simply register yourself and submit the design. After your design is uploaded into the design gallery, you can promote your work through Twitter, Facebook and an embeddable gallery widget to garner votes for your kicks. The design with the most votes by April 30 will win a year's supply of NIKEiD products (at one pair per month.)

For those who are looking to simply peruse and vote, one can also skip through the design and upload options, head straight to the gallery and support your favorite design. Or, for those who would like to put their two artistic pence into into other NIKEiD shoes and use other graphic options, you can also access the NIKEiD site from the Freshness x NIKEiD Canvas microsite.

The NIKEiD Canvas Contest is available exclusively (with the microsite built exclusively for yours truly as well) on Freshness in the United States. So, whether you are looking to get your shoe closet taken care of for the next 12 months, or are simply looking to get share your designs with the world, head on over to Freshness x NIKEiD Canvas. All you need now is a shot of inspiration. So, ready, get set, draw-- and good luck to you all!

Freshness x NIKEiD Canvas Contest

Contest Dates: Now - April 30th (Friday)

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