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Gravis Monocle

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Much like anything these days, the sneakers are made as hybrids, drawing elements and style from traditional footwear. While some pulled it off, others failed. However, one of the rare examples of "pulling it off" with more than expected success is the Monocle sneaker by Gravis. The Monocle is a fusion of runners and boat shoes. Unlike conventional boat shoes, the midsoles are built in with extra cushioning to provide comfort over long periods of time. The Monocle is stylistically versatile in three colorways of red/white/navy, brown/white and beige/white/green color combination. These will be perfect for rocking with shorts   in the streets or at the sea side.

Monocle Beige

Monocle Brown

Monocle White

Monocle White 2

Monocle White 3

Monocle White 4

Monocle White 5

Monocle White 6

Monocle White 7

Monocle White 8

Monocle White 9