INSA - Custom Dunk Ethel 2010


The master of high heels and sneaker fetish, INSA from London is at it again customizing the classic Nike Dunk for a latest group exhibition. The Dunk Ethel 2010 is a one off pair that uses a pink/gray Dunk as a base and the toe box, side panel and heel sections are all hand painted with the now famous heels pattern. Packaged in a custom INSA box and paper lining on the inside. Keep in mind that this pair is a ladies pair and it does come with a custom INSA shirt when it is finally offered on sale on April 8th. There is also a 50 cm x 50 cm original artwork to compliment the sneakers.

Other artists included in this Kicks N Canvas exhibition are Goldie, Antony Lister, Benedict Radcliffe, Jon Burgerman and others. The exhibition runs from April 9th to 24th at The Gallery on 50 Redchurch Street, London.