Koenigsegg - Agera Online Configurator

Agera Configurator

We have been spoiled for choice these days by web developers, and the ever-increasing websites featuring custom design tools are fascinating. The latest to jump onboard with online customization is super car automaker Koenigsegg. This is nothing like a simple marketing ploy, as it gives its users a whooping total of 990 possible combination for customizations. The options ranges from changing spoilers, rims, body colors to the cabin colors of their Agera model. This online configurator is not only perfect vicarious canvas for dreamers who are not able to drive the Agera home, but it can also be handy for potential buyers to try out some combinations before whipping out their checkbooks. Whichever the case, this is definitely an entertaining way to customize a super car. via: autoblog


Agera 2

Agera 3