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Coolrain x Cinelli - Redfoot Figure

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Korean figurine-maker Coolrain is really killing it with his handmade figures. His immaculate attention to detail is just awe-inspiring. Accessorized to the nines, his latest Redfoot figure dons everything from sunglasses to U-lock, key chains, watches and the Livestrong wristband. And, that is just the things spotted on the figure.

The Redfoot is a collaboration with Cinelli, and he wears Cinelli shirt and rides the popular Cinelli Vigorelli fixed gear bike. Take a second to check out the details on the actual fixed gear bike. Redfoot's Viforelli fixed gear bike is 100% handmade. Apparently, it took Coolrain 15 days to finish this piece and it's not surprising. To answer your unvoiced questions that are no doubt swimming in your heads right now-- yes, this will be released as a figure and fixed gear set later on, so definitely stay tuned for future information. via: crazytoyz