Incase - iPad Travel Kit Plus and Combo Charger


Love it, hate it or can't get over the name-- no matter what your stance towards the iPad is, the latest Apple product is unleashed into the world and with or without the Apple evangelists' help, it is making quite a splash. Crowds have stormed Apple stores to test out the new device, Seton Hill is distributing iPads to students like they are free Dominos pizza and iPad pre-order and sales have hit a surprising high despite the previous reservations many have about the product. And of course, quick to jump to the iPad's defense (caveat: a physical defense) is Incase. Incase has just released a Travel Kit Plus and Combo Charger designed for your newly acquired gadget.

The Travel Kit Plus is a complete carrying solution for your iPad and has separate reinforced faux fur-lined compartment for all your related iPad and its accessories. Seriously, with the Travel Kit Plus, your keyboard and cables, charger, iPad stand and iPad will never have to touch each other when in the carrying case. To further facilitate traveling, Incase has released a Combo Charger for all powering needs. The 2-amp charger will get your iPad, iPhone or iPod ready at the fastest speed possible.

Both items are available online at Incase, so if you have an iPad, please do not deprive it of a suitable home on the go.