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Jeff Koons x BMW M3 GT2 Art Car

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Drive a car, taste the rainbow. No, this is not an allusion to psychedelics, but it will make your heart palpitate in racy excitement just the same. Back in February, BMW had announced contemporary artist Jeff Koons (the man who brought us chrome balloon animal sculptures and more) as a creator of the luxury automaker's 17th Art Car.

In the spirit of Calder, Stella, Lichtenstein, Warhol and Holzer, Koons will join the ranks of legendary artists and race his art car, a BMW M3 GT2 at 24 Hours of Le Mans. Aside from taking part in the world's most renowned endurance race, Koons will be presenting his creation and to sign it at Paris' Centre Pompidou on June 1, just as Lichtenstein did.

Yesterday, Koons released the preliminary design concept for his car and revealed a vibrant rush of colors. As a part of Koons' creative process, the artist plays up associations with race cars--speed and colors. He collected related images cars, vibrant colors and speed, then layered them into a digital collage. The resulting graphic is evocative of power, motion and light rendered in Koons' iconic saturated hues on a black background, contrasted against the M3 GT2's silver interior. It is set to look dynamic and energetic, conveying the formidable power of the M3 GT2 even when stationary.

Check out the preliminary design, feel the colors, and stay tuned for official images of the 17th BMW Art Car to come. via: Auto Blog