Jeremy Scott - Spring/Summer 2010 - Bow Ties


Alexander Olch might have revolutionized neckties with unexpected materials, trims and brought the dandy staple back into business, but Jeremy Scott's irreverent take on the sartorial equivalent of good breeding takes the stifling out and brings the party back. Jeremy Scott's Spring/Summer 2010 line-up was filled with Flintstones-inspired pieces. Pink biker jackets featured comic prints of bones, ripped one shoulder tiger printed dresses reminded all of the happy Flintstones family. For the boys, gents and ladies with a taste for menswear, Jeremy Scott has released bowties in happy animal prints. The necktie is true to its Flintstones inspiration with jagged edges and wild prints. For the sartorial rebels, even if the invite says "black tie", it doesn't quite mean your tie has to be all-black, right? They are available now at The Contemporary Fix for those who are feeling a little feisty and a little loud.