Liberty x Fred Perry 2010 "Blank Canvas" - Sneaker Collection

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Along with the spring showers comes April flowers. Well, the rhyme might be completely made up but there's an ounce of truth in it, as Fred Perry's latest installment of Blank Canvas Collection is all about the happy oriental paisleys and floral from London's Liberty. Aside from the previously previewed collection of fitted polo shirts and short-sleeved button downs dressed House of Liberty's iconic "Mark" and "Edenham" prints, the collection also sports two sleek low-top canvas sneakers featuring Liberty prints on the trimming and footbed. Matching the paisley prints, the slim lace-up sneakers are topped off with a asymmetrical toe-cap that curves like a comma. The collection is set to hit the racks this month, so if you are looking to pick up a pair of sneakers with a little retro spring touch, do keep an eye out for them! via: HS