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Tokyo Fashion Week - PHENOMENON - Fall/Winter 2010 | Video

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Because of or hand in hand with the dwindling economy, menswear, and perhaps fashion itself, had evolved into something muted and practical. Suits are clean, white buttons shirts incredibly crisp and everything fitted and timeless. Perhaps after seasons of staying minimal and muted, people are starting to crave something a little more celebratory and outlandish. At New York Fashion Week, creative layering took center stage alongside the dandy looks. At Toyko Fashion Week, PHENOMENON, presented a collection that works in the same concept of finding the unfamiliar in the familiar.

With an equally haphazard yet decisively patterned walk (the models crisscrossed each other on the non-linear runway) that seem to mirror the familiar chaos of the label's collection, PHENOMENON sent pieces with twists down the runway (even though in the obsessive and detailed extent the label had worked the shreds and stithces, "twists" doesn't quite justify the creations.) Chunky cream knit trousers is reminiscent of your grandmother's hand-knit sweaters, and wearing fur is taken to a new level with an extensive hunting theme. A realistic-looking stuffed fox winds around the neck, and hunting camo prints are used on sweeping kilts. Taking everything a little over the top, a vest made from swishing blond braids replaces your more orthodox versions.

While not everyone has to invest in strange pieces and start wearing hunting prizes as accessories, the collection does have wonderful stand-out pieces for mix and matching, and inspired all to really dig into different wardrobes and take more creative reign in dressing.