BAPE - Check Crazy Shirt

Check Crazy Shirt White

Utilizing the same concept as the previously released Crazy Color items, BAPE have rolled out some new Check Crazy shirts as part of the new drops from the Summer 2010 collection. The idea behind this shirt is to mix four different colored check textile to construct one shirt with each panel featuring different textile.

On paper this may sound like it could be too busy however after viewing the finished product, it is rather toned down and wearable. Perhaps it is the darker tones and the overall balance that helps this latest items. There are two colorways produced in white and navy combination with white version being lighter in appearance due to the white based fabric used on the front panel. Single cursive style green flag tag on the left chest pocket also adds tailor made feel.

Check Crazy Shirt Navy

Check Crazy Shirt Navy 2

Check Crazy Shirt Navy 3

Check Crazy Shirt Navy 4

Check Crazy Shirt Navy 5

Check Crazy Shirt Navy 6