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CONVERSE Jack Purcell - Slim Dress Gingham

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Gingham Red 2

The popular Converse Jack Purcell used to be an icon on the tennis court as well as badminton court in its golden era. Now, it is enjoying lime light in the urban scene as it had been reincarnated as a style icon. This latest Slim Dress Gingham model shows just how Jack Purcell kicks are not only versatile in terms of function, but also in terms of style.

Inspired by the gingham check pattern that is used on shirts, this little number signs a country note with a red/white or black/white gingham pattern. The signature red "smile" on the toe cap has been toned down to black, and the "smile" is accompanied not by perfect pearly whites, but by a matching black toe cap and taping around the shoes. A black Jack Purcell heel patch adds a little interesting touch to the back, nodding to the heritage these new summery models have inherited.

Gingham Red

Gingham Red 3

Gingham Black

Gingham Black 2

Gingham Black 3