CONVERSE - Limited Edition Handmade Leather Chuck Taylor

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Regular canvas Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Top can be worn to shreds, but these...these will only get better with age. For those who know a thing or two about the aged trade of shoe-making, they would know that crafting a pair of good leather shoes by hand is a mind-bending process requiring a good deal of concentration and even more attention to details. Elevating the perennial street favorite Chuck Taylor Hi-Top to a new level sartorial luxury, CONVERSE had engaged   Italian trained designer, Ryusaku Hiruma to make 64 pairs of Chucks by hand. Sparing the tannery lingo, premium leather has been hand cut, hand stitched and adornments painstakingly hand-crafted to ensure your feet are enjoying the shoes exorbitantly as well. The shoes sit atop faded off-white soles and the upper is scrunched deliberately for a worn-in look and comfort. Unlike the original canvas version, the handmade leather counterpart features a subtle perforated logo, stating the concept of understated luxury quite well. These shoes come in two colorways, Milk and Black, and either one you pick is set to last you a lifetime worth of walks, strolls, runs and more. via: Opening Ceremony