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Frank151 x Shin Tanaka - Frank's Chop Shop Chibby Paper Toy

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Chop Shop Chibby 4

While mass production toys and figures can take our breath away, the simplicity of origami like paper toy by Shin Tanaka is an one of a kind that can give enjoyment to the maker themselves. Frank151 have teamed up with Tanaka to produce the fun little Frank's Chop Shop Chibby toy that is free to download from their website. Print out the flat design in color and built it up yourself. The basic design features two versions of Frank's Chop Shop fitteds along with FCS straight razor pendant. Once completed, send a photo of your version to Frank151 and show it off to the world.

Chop Shop Chibby

Chop Shop Chibby 2

Chop Shop Chibby 3

Chop Shop Chibby 5

Chop Shop Chibby 6