Fresh Celeb: Kazuki Kuraishi - Star Wars x adidas Originals x CLOT - HOTH Skate High


Who's joining the Rebellion? Japanese designer extraordiniare Kazuki Kuraishi has been spotted wearing the triple-threat collaboration HOTH Skate High by Star Wars x adidas Originals x CLOT. Even though this is not a part of Kuraishi's kzk line with adidas Originals by Originals (which CLOT has been invited to take part in this season as well), considering Kuraishi's close working relationship with CLOT and history with adidas, it is no surprise the man would be kicking it in the HOTH Skate High. With Kuraishi on the Rebellion's side, it seems like the Rebels are going strong, and the dark side should be very very aware of this. via: EDC