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Nike TPE 6453 One Year Anniversary Party + Just Do It 2010 Campaign | Featuring DJ Mick Boogie

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It's official! Nike TPE 6453 has been serving the Taiwanese population in Taipei   for an entire year! First of all, a big congratulations to Nike Taiwan Marketing Director Melvin Lenzy for the success of Nike TPE 6453. It is an amazing feat for any retail space to last this long in the current economic climate, but Nike Sportswear has exceeded expectations, outdone the economy and proved that it is more than a retail space, but a community event space that the community relate and identify with. To celebrate the triumphant year where Nike TPE 6453 had housed several large campaigns and events such as the AW77 "This Is My Hood" Campaign and Nike Women Training Exhibition, and also the launch of the Just Do It 2010 Campaign, Nike TPE 6453 is hosting a One Year Anniversary Party at Luxy for all featuring renowned international DJ Mick Boogie.

DJ Mick Boogie headlined at A-list events across the globe from Las Vegas, Paris, to Hong Kong, the NY-base DJ also spun at parties for renowned artists and celebrities such as Will Smith, Lebron James, Robin Thicke and more. Unlike most DJs today, DJ Mick Boogie cements his role as a tastemaker not just by rehashing popular tracks, but he reinstates an older, long forgotten function of the DJ--breaking out new music and talents for the masses. In conjunction with Nike TPE 6453's One Year Anniversary, Nike and DJ Mick Boogie are releasing the "Changemakers" mixtape designed to celebrate new and emerging talent that don't fall into cookie-cutter genres of music, but instead, retains an element of surprise in their beats and tunes. DJ Mick Boogie and the "Changemakers" mixtape had been featured on Freshness' new music segment, Fresh Music.

As usual, Freshness will be bringing you coverage of the One Year Anniversary Party at Luxy (after an invite-only in-store event earlier that day) for all who can't make it out. But for those who are in Taipei, don't miss out on a night of celebratory Nike debauchery with DJ Mick Boogie tomorrow, and keep Nike TPE 6453 going strong for the new year!

Nike TPE 6453 One Year Anniversary Party @ LUXY
5F., No.201, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd., | Map
Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan

Event Date: April 9th (Friday) | 10 pm