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NOWHERE 17th Anniversary T-Shirts | Released Today

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17 year is impressive for friendship, and even more so for a partnership between friends. NIGO of BAPE and Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER had not only successfully survived 17 years of their collaborative venture, NOWHERE, but had lived the 17 years out loud. This year, aside from The Last Orgy 2 releases, NOWHERE is also celebrating its 17th Anniversary. And in true sartorial fashion, and NIGO tradition, there is no occasion that goes by without a celebratory t-shirt. The NOWHERE 17th Anniversary tee features a very simple underlined "17" on the front and it comes in two colorways, black and white. The tees are available today at BAPE EU, so check them out and give NOWHERE the nod that being in business for 17 years deserves.