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Star Wars x Mimoco - MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives

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Star Wars is not slowing down on its collaboration projects and the latest to see the light are the USB Flash Drives from Mimoco. The almost toy like deign of the Mimobots suit the shrunk down versions of R2-D2, Stormtrooper, Jawa and the Jedi Master himself Obi-Wan Kenobi.

What is more fun is the Stormtrooper Unmasked Mimbots which feature a removable helmet that reveals the faces of Luke Skywalker or Han Solo underneath. You would be lucky to think that these Stormtroopers are Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. In fact only 50% of them are the hidden character while the others are plain old Stormtrooper, which is not bad in itself. Word has it that Luke is the one who is a little shorter than the average Stormtrooper.

As far as the performance of these drives, they are available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB memory capacity and come preloaded with digital extras to accessorize the desktop such as wall paper, screen savers, icons and avatars.