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Mighty Healthy x EA "Skate 3"

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There is a good number of skateboarding game franchises out in the gaming world, such as the famed Tony Hawk franchise. But for skaters who are familiar with the mechanics of skateboarding, the reviews for simulation games are often less than satisfactory. Then in comes EA'sSkate franchise, which had a revolutionized analog system that some might find frustrating, but its authenticity and realism had won skateboarding gamers over. Playing into its famed and beloved realistic quality, the upcoming Skate 3 (set to release this May) not only has the falling and getting hurt part of skateboarding perfectly nailed to instill frustration, it has also incorporated actual skate gear one find in stores. Mighty Healthy has teamed up with Skate 3 and lent its button downs, tees and decks to the game. So, in the Skate 3 world, you are not only ollie-ing your way through a plethora of parks and landscapes, you can also put your avatar in some Mighty Healthy logo tees and gear. Check out some screen shots and do check out the game demo when it hits on April 15.

Release Date: April 15th (Thursday) | Game Demo
May 11th (Tuesday) | Game