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Nike Taiwan "Just Do It 2010" Campaign | Videos

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Albert Einstein once said, "Genius is 1% talent, and 99% hard work". In a world of six billion people, if there seems to be an incomparable genius, there will be another one who is just as good, if not better. In the world of sports, just as Einstein's perceptive quote illustrates, there is talent, but those who make it are the ones who put in the work. In fact, to be an outstanding athlete, perseverance, fearlessness, passion, courage to take up a challenge and ability to face competition are indispensable qualities.

In Nike Taiwan'sJust Do It 2010 Campaign, Nike had enlisted five local athletes of various trades to shoot each shoot a video exemplifying one of the aforementioned qualities. In the campaign, Nike Taiwan had recruited tennis star Kai-Zheng Zhang, basketball player Zhi-Jie He, track star Qian-He Xie, baseball player Yu-Kai Hong and BMX rider Jun-Kai Yang to share their attitude towards sports and their stories of success, which are often more paved with obstacles and hardship than the glamor we are familiar of associating them with.

Get inspired, and as Nike and all its athletes can tell you, stripping away the hesitation, nerve-wrecking competition, glory and triumphs, the only way to really get there, is to just take the leap and do it.